Large Potions sticker album
Large Potions Sticker Album
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Large Potions Sticker Album

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The Large Potions sticker album is a stunning album to keep all of those sticker kits in! The albums are plastic (polypropylene) with clear pockets for pages.  The pocket openings are at the top to easily access your stickers. 

These have 60 top loading pockets/pages and come with an elastic band to help keep it closed. The album cover measures slightly larger than 8" high x 6" wide and 1.5" thick.  The pockets are approximately 5.75" wide x 7.75" high.  

This is smooth, buttery, unicorn matte sticker paper used on the cover!  Artwork by Westwood Wizardry. The black dot in the center spine denotes a hole where the elastic 

*Colors may vary due to screen and printer variations.  Sizes listed are all approximate.  The cover stickers are applied by hand and may be slightly imperfect.  

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