Meet the Organized Magic Team!

Meet our social media team!  These ladies work hard as brand reps, so please give them a follow on Instagram!  

Stephanie Welter

"...eats all the bacon and sings show tunes at the top of her voice at various moments throughout the day"

I plan in a B6 TN and hobonichi weeks. My planning style changes frequently, from bujo to functional to all the deco. My favorite thing is when I can tie my love of musicals, concerts, and various other adventures to my planner. In my planner, you'll often see countdowns or custom kits for some event happening in my life.

Follow me @stephplansss

Roxanne Yorgason

Hi everyone! I currently keep track of my life with a vertical Erin Condren life planner and use a Hobonichi Weeks as an everyday carry. My favorite planner items are washi and sticker kits and anything floral themed is my weakness! I also share my love for these things on YouTube; I only started in December 2018 but you can find me at Roxanne.M!
When I’m not planning, you can find me out and about looking for care package goodies to send to my fiancé, enjoying warm weather, or spending time with my adorable niece!

Follow me @ram.plans

YouTube: Roxanne.M

Tiffany Scrogham

I love reading, books, and all things library. Playing games, and creating artwork are also some of my favorite past times even if I’m not the greatest at either. I enjoy black and white, muted colors, and anything galaxy or stars, and am currently planning in an Erin Condren Neutral vertical, and keep collections, and miscellaneous in an Archer and Olive bullet journal.

Follow me @thejournalsedge 

YouTube: Star at the Journel's Edge

Kendra Hedrick

I am always working in at least 3 planners, an EC Vertical for stickers, a Plum Paper for functional daily planning, and a personal rings (or B6 strings)-my everyday carry to keep my calendar on hand and take notes/make lists. I may be slightly obsessed with washi tape and all things buffalo plaid and watercolor. I love reading-preferably audiobooks, watching my favorite shows and listening to podcasts about them-The Walking Dead and The Handmaids Tale are two of my faves, I love beach camping and relaxing with my family. My perfect “me-day” is going to the movie theater by myself and watching 2-3 movies back to back.

Follow me @kclarkshed

Nici Hunter

I’m a mother of three, homeschooler, and military spouse. To help keep life in some sort of control I use a vertical Erin Condren and hobonichi weeks. Avid Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu binger and if I am out of the house I am often found at a craft store or Target.

Follow me @nicihunt

Alex Schlosser

Hey folks! My name is Alexandra (Alex!), I have been planning since I was a little kid. In high school I was super into my school issues “agenda.” Now I currently use a ppweeks, which has given me “planner peace.”

When I’m not planning I’m: a special needs mom, full time student (I have a MSW, MS and am getting my Masters in Criminal Justice do work in Victim Advocacy), exotic plant collector and crafter!

Follow me @dontforgettheeggs

Tanna Anzaldua-Singleton

My name is Tanna. Mombie of two. I am currently using a hobonichi weeks and a cashier size travelers notebook! I am 100% a washi lover and use it in every. single. spread.  My favorite colors are black and purple. I cant function without coffee. 420 friendly. I love my Axolotls, fish, cat and dogs! I also have been playing a LOT of League of Legends TfT lately. Uhhh... I think thats all! K love you bye!

Follow me @sometimes_spooky

Marisa McCall

You know that one gal in your office who’s like, weirdly obsessed with office supplies and pretty paper? The one who pulls out a notebook to check her calendar when you say “let’s do coffee”? Yeah, that’s me 🙂 Currently happily planning in a Standard TN for everyday life and work stuff, I dabble back and forth in my Happy Planners for home and side hustle. I love stickers, and I collect washi  - though I don’t use it as often as my husband thinks I do! My husband goodnaturedly rolls his eyes when another Etsy order arrives, and daughter is almost as obsessed with cute, sparkly, and foil as I am!

Follow me @mrsmcm88


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